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Who are we?

Compassionate Kenilworth is a group of local volunteers who first rose to face the challenge of the pandemic, keeping people safe at home. Our focus now is to reduce the social isolation and loneliness we witnessed to improve health outcomes, and help make our town a happier place to live.

Working alongside existing service providers, we are mapping the community, identifying and filling gaps in provision and mobilising charities, volunteers, and funders to deliver needful projects. We consult with the community, and all existing service providers including surgeries and the local authority, when assessing that need.

Read about our projects to date.

We run a regular forum made up of such organisations to share ideas, funding options and volunteer resource, and use this to propose ideas, encouraging members to adopt/sponsor or support us to deliver.

We'd love to hear from you - come try our events, volunteer to help, make a donation or sponsor a project.

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