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About Us

Compassionate Kenilworth (CK) was developed out of the remaining local volunteers who first rose to face the challenge of the pandemic, working as Covid 19 Support Kenilworth Group (CSKG).  CK is passionate about helping to reduce social isolation and loneliness, improving health outcomes, and helping to make our town a more compassionate place to live.  

CK was modelled on the Frome Project which evidenced significant health improvements resulting in substantial economic savings to the NHS.  Frome improved their residents' health by creating additional connections, support and opportunity and decreasing social isolation issues.  For more information - Health Connections

This model has now been rolled out across Somerset and similar health improvement results were achieved by a roll out in South Cardiff. 

With the aim of delivering similar improvements in Kenilworth, Compassionate Kenilworth is working alongside existing service providers, mapping the community, identifying gaps in provision of services, mobilising local charities, volunteers, and funders to help deliver meaningful needed projects.  

Covid 19 Support Kenilworth Group was set up in the early days of Covid 19 pandemic to map and support residents across Kenilworth.  Manned by a team of ambitious volunteers we set up systems, processes, and support programs that spanned the duration of the most severe 18 months of restrictions. 

Referred to as the 'Carlsberg of support groups' CSKG managed to support thousands of residents with meals, calls, prescription deliveries as well as offering emotional and practical support.  Compassionate Kenilworth was developed as a result of witnessing the isolation and loneliness throughout this period that was not wholly linked to lockdown. 

Compassionate Kenilworth aims to map gaps in provision of activities and programmes, source funding and facilitators and plug those gaps while sharing information and resources across the community. 

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