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Baby College Mid Warwickshire

Mother and infant activities

Our classes offer an insight into child development to increase your confidence and understanding of your growing baby. All our fun activities are suitable from birth with the exercises progressing as your child grows. Age groups 0-9 months; 9-18 months; 18months to 3 years+

Email or call 07507 413632.
Classes take place at Chase Meadow Community Centre, Narrow Hall Meadow, Warwick.
Pre-booked only. From £8.95 per class. (Trial session available for £5)
0- months Tuesdays 11:30
9-18 months Tuesdays 10:30
18 Months - 3yrs Tuesdays 09:30

Last updated: 

19 Jun 2024

Baby College Mid Warwickshire
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