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Support, Befriending

Age UK Benefits calculator

Check what benefits and allowances elderly people are entitled to

Older People, Food and Poverty, Support

Senior Citizens Social Club

Weekly social & games gettogether

Older People, Social Groups

Severn Trent Big Difference Scheme

Reduction of water bill

Food and Poverty

The Money Charity

Advice on money an debt management

Food and Poverty

WaterSure - Servern Trent

Bill support for people on benefits and with a medical need to use water or large family (3 or more children under 19) (Capped at £419.35 this year)

Health Issues, Food and Poverty

Severn Trent Single Occupier Tariff

Lower tariff if you have no water meter and live alone

Food and Poverty

Severn Trent Debt Support - Matching Plus

If you've been unable to pay more than £120 in last12 months and arrears for 2 years. Matched payments from STW up to £20/month

Food and Poverty


Support and advice for anyone with mental health problems

Health Issues, Mental Health

CELST Lipreading

Beginners Lipreading classes

Health Issues

Bereavement Support Payment

Benefit for recently bereaved where deceased under pension age

Bereavement, Support

NHS Bereavement advice

Website with advice and links

Bereavement, Support

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